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I finally decided to do this. It was hard and complicated, but it came out. This is the ._:::- I ♡ Beccikie -:::_. Modeling Academy who is connected with the ._:::- I ♡ Beccikie -:::_. Modeling Management.

By attending my classes you will get a Modeling Diploma and the Model tag in my group. By the group you will receive calls for models through my management and the right to be selected for shows I am organizing.

How does it all work?
._:::- I ♡ Beccikie -:::_. Academy is an online academy. All you have to do is read the tipps and informations about modeling that I write. After that, you can contact me to book an exam. If you pass the exam, you get the diploma.
I am also available for some classes IW, that we have to book and agree together. There are so many resources available, that I think most of schools just try to make money out of it. Every school is an experience and lets you learn something, but not all school are exactly the right place to develop and grow up. Let's say it's a good place to make contacts. And so are castings. With this in mind, have fun reading my modeling notes.

Modeling - What is it all about?
Modeling - Getting started
Modeling - Styling is a multiple option
Modeling - Small talk on contests and castings
Modeling - Editing tricks

After having some lessons out and receiving positive comments from many models, aspiring models, working models and fresh models, I decided I may put in here some links to some posts that are also related with modeling experience thus it's not really classified as a lesson.

Why do you take part in all this? - experience in a pageant

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